Server Commands

General Server Commands

/afk Example: /afk

Sets or unsets your afk status. The reason is optional.

/back Example: /back

Teleports you to your prior location.

/ci Example: /ci

Clears Your inventory.

/compass Example: /compass

Shows you what direction your facing.

/depth Example: /depth

Shows you your current depth.

/home Example: /home

Teleports you to your home.

/list Example: /list

Shows you everyone on that server.

/glist Example: /glist

Shows you a list of people connected on all servers.

/mail Example: /mail read 1
Example: /mail send JohnSmith read this mail.
Example: /mail clear 1

Allows you to manage you mail for the Minecraft servers.

/me Example: /me is strong!

Allows you to share an action.

/msg Example: /msg JohnSmith I got gold for you!

Sends a private message to someone on the server.

/nick Example: /nick JohnSmith
Hides your Minecraft username. Only staff can see your minecraft username.
/server Example: /server creative

Takes you to that server or area you want.  You can choose from: Creative, Survival, Lobby servers.

/sethome Example: /sethome

Sets your homes location.

/tpa Example: /tpa JohnSmith

Requests to teleport to a player.

/tpaccept Example: /tpaccept

Accepts the request to teleport to you.

/tpahere Example: /tphere JohnSmith

Requests someone to teleport to you.

/tpdeny Example: /tpdeny

Denies the request to teleport to you.

/tptoggle Example: /tptoggle

Enables or Disable teleport requests.

/warns Example: /warns

Checks your warnings you received from the staff.


Creative Server Commands

When you first get on the server you won’t have access to Worldedit as you have to earn it and show that you know how to use it responsibly. To view Worldedit commands visit their wiki.